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We are a performance-driven company

Having completed its first Armed Guard security Transit in 2011 and completing over 1,000 transits every year, it is safe to say that Zeal has the knowledge and the experience to look after its client’s assets, whether that is a merchant vessel, crew, cargo or our private clients when sailing their superyachts across the region.

Zeal can provide cost-effective security solutions for any vessels sailing via the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and East Africa. Zeal has continued to build its capabilities over the last 10 years and has created extensive operational support hubs across the area of operations.

Top-tier Experience and Protection

All our Private Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) are all former military personnel and must meet the strict recruitment directive which is set out by Zeal management and audited by UKAS against our ISO 28000 accreditation.

Upon embarking on client’s vessels, the security team will conduct familiarisation and anti-piracy security audit with the Bosun, Chief Engineer, and Master. Defence and hardening measures will be discussed, agreed, and implemented. Thereafter, the security team will provide briefs, introducing themselves, their equipment, and their roles and responsibilities to the Master and Crew.

24/7 Security shifts will take place during the voyage and Zeal operations will provide intelligence reports to the vessel and security team where applicable.

Operational Hubs in the Indian Ocean